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Resident Assistant/House Advisor Application

Thank you for your interest in the Resident Assistant/House Advisor (RA/HA) application for the 2020-21 academic year.

Each residential community has a unique selection process and timeline. Remember that candidates are responsible for checking the websites for each community to which they are applying and familiarizing themselves with the requirements for each. Questions should be directed to the specific Residence Life staff of each community.

Want to learn more? Come to an upcoming informational session (pdf).

Revelle College http://revelle.ucsd.edu/res-life/ra-selection.html
(858) 534-3025
Muir College https://muir.ucsd.edu/reslife/staff/haapp.html
(858) 534-4200
Marshall College http://marshall.ucsd.edu/res-life/ra-selection.html
(858) 534-4340
Warren College http://warren.ucsd.edu/res-life/ra-selection.html
(858) 534-4581
Roosevelt College &
International House
(858) 534-2261
Sixth College http://sixth.ucsd.edu/residential-life/resident-assistants/
(858) 822-5268
Seventh College https://seventh.ucsd.edu/job-opportunities/index.html
Pepper Canyon East and Rita Atkinson Residences http://hdh.ucsd.edu/thevillage/reslife.asp
(858) 534-6911

Interested in being an RA?